Olydite Jumbo-Save is a high-yield savings platform, that allows contributors(Jumbo-Savee) to save big and earn big. A saving vehicle which allows smart entrepreneur or business men or women to save a Minimum amount of 50,000 Naira Monthly for a minimum duration of One (1) year.
It will avail the contributor (a Jumbo-Savee), the opportunity to meet a long term need or be able to reach a milestone project at the end of a selected duration (Minimum of One (1) year.
The beauty is that you are able to save and are also able to get interest as huge as 26% on your cumulative savings.
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Our “within a 7 days period of your Incentives policy” enables every Investor WIN a free gift.


Every Investment with us is secured and guaranteed. There is no difference in the application process of this Investment whether by One on One Meeting or Online. With the Online option, you have a fast method of reaching us and an Investment Manager will contact you within the next 6 hours of your form submission. Secondly, Every document you will receive is legally binding which are: INVESTMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LETTER, DEED OF AGREEMENT AND A POST DATED CHEQUE. Lastly, you will receive an Incentive within the next 7 days irrespective of your location for every investment from N100,000 above.


We implore a more secured, friendly and commonly used system of making payment and uploading payment receipt for ease and convenience. You will find details for payment below. UPLOAD THE TRANSFER RECEIPT OR TELLER RECEIPTS.


Every Payment we received is confirmed within an hour via call, an SMS and Email notification. If otherwise you want to contact us, a number will immediately pop up on the next window after your form has been submitted.

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“Thank you for your support and concern during this difficult COVID19 times. Accessing my money is very easy. Opening an investment account was a good decision.”
Doherty Deborah
“ I have been really impressed with Olydite. I have not had any reason to regret my decision to invest through Olydite. I have been treated as a valued client and not a number. I definitely have and will continue to recommend Olydite to everyone who wants to build a portfolio of investments.”
Oluwatoyinbo Seye
“You guys are really doing a good job. I am glad I decided to invest with you. It’s been a satisfactory journey with Olydite within the last year and a half and I still believe that this relationship will still be rewarding for us all in the years to come.”
Dorcas Yewoh


See some pictures from the slide on our previous clients who have successfully invested with us and have been smiling ever since.

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